Kubernetes Resources to Learn From
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I have been fortunate in working a lot more with Kubernetes lately over the last few months so I’ve been exposed to a lot of [...]

WordPress Development using Docker

Building my portfolio site, I thought I’d show you how I set up my WordPress development using Docker. Given the way my current site [...]

Blank images in Puppeteer screenshots solved!

Frustrated with getting blank images in Puppeteer Chrome screenshots, recently I was in a situation where I needed to migrate an existing [...]

Plans Moving Forward – The Revamped Web and I

It has been six year since my last major revamp/redesign of my current portfolio site. So what are my plans moving forward? [...]

Bad owner or permissions on .ssh/config

This article helps to solve a Bad owner or permissions on .ssh/config issue occurring on a Windows 10 machine when using a terminal emulator [...]

Accept payments easily and effortlessly with Pin Payments integration

Only a few lines of code required is to implement a payment system, thanks to inline Pin Payments integration. Accepting online payments has [...]

Move your VirtualBox virtual machine (VM) image/images to another location or drive

Here is a relatively easy way to move your VirtualBox virtual machine (VM) images to another location or drive: Shutdown all open VirtualBox [...] – Location path of pg_hba.conf and postgresql.conf
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Do you have the installed on your Mac OSX machine? Need to edit the pg_hba.conf or postgresql.conf but don’t know where [...]

How to: Install Middleman Mac on MacOSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2
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This is a how to install Middleman mac guide on Mountain Lion OSX. This took me a bit of figuring out to get working – partially [...]

Execute MAMP’s PHP and mysql in command line terminal OSX
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Quick tip, if you have MAMP installed on your machine and need to run PHP or mysql via the terminal/command line, you can execute these [...]