Move your VirtualBox virtual machine (VM) image/images to another location or drive

Here is a relatively easy way to move your VirtualBox virtual machine (VM) images to another location or drive:

  1. Shutdown all open VirtualBox instances and close any VirtualBox windows.
  2. Locate the directory where your VirtualBox instances are stored.
  3. Copy the contents of the directory to the new location.
  4. Open Virtual Box.
  5. Start with one of your instances. Right click the virtual machine entry and click ‘Remove’. Only Remove the entry and NOT all the files.
  6. Close VirtualBox. Leave it closed for long enough for the background VBoxSVC task to time out and terminate also.7. Go to the new directory where your image is now stored.
  7. Double click on the ‘*.vbox’ file.
  8. If all works out well, the virtual machine entry will be recreated.
  9.  Double click the virtual machine instance and start it. Ensure that your image is working correctly.
  10.  If all works out well, you can delete the original directory that holds your VirtualBox image.
  11.  Repeat steps 5-11 for any other images you may have.

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