WordPress WPCommerce – Get the parent category of a category object
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Maintaining a WordPress site that has WP Commerce set up installed, I needed to do some minor customisations to a widget that displayed [...]

Twitter Bootstrap dropdown hover touch devices workaround (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, etc…)
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UPDATE 11/01/2013: Thanks to Robin for pointing this out, the recent Bootstrap 2.2.2 release has addressed this issue. Refer to their [...]

Wifi disabled, not working on iOS6? in Safari header? here’s why
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Apple just released iOS6 this morning here in Sydney Australia. You may experience an issue where when connecting to your wifi, it refuses [...]

Spotify Australian (AU) sound quality is noticeably better over MP3 compression due to Vorbis encoding

Spotify… I’ve had the chance to use it today as it was launched in Australia on this date. What makes it a pretty good service in my [...]

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) transparency background image not displaying/hidden fix

I ran into an issue recently where I had displayed background images as bullet replacements for my list. By using a piece of CSS code such [...]

Add a Facebook app to your Fan Page

Facebook has recently change the way you manage apps by removing the App profile page completely. As I needed to add a newly created [...]

MySQL Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in command line – tips
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Have you been working with large MySQL databases? Have you just performed a database export to a file from a web interface such as [...]

White background quickly appearing behind Facebook Like button issue

Building a Facebook like button using FBXML against a black background and have it display within a JS slider can create some ugly display [...]

Facebook signed_request and SSL/HTTPS being received

Getting into more PHP Facebook application development over the last year, I have been developing apps that request information from a [...]

Ubuntu Linux Apache2 javascript folder ‘404 file not found’ error? I’ve got the fix!
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I’ve had the unexpected privilege of transferring some a web application over from a CentOS Plesk/HTTPD server environment over to an [...]