Kubernetes Resources to Learn From

I have been fortunate in working a lot more with Kubernetes lately over the last few months so I’ve been exposed to a lot of Kubernetes resource material. It’s fast becoming a more popular way to deploy applications. The concept of separating concerns for each service makes Kubernetes and Docker containerisation a perfect choice. What you build is what you’ll get and scalability is baked in.

I’ve explained how to get a WordPress site working using Docker here, but did you know that you can also deploy this to a production-ready cluster?

To others understand how Kubernetes works, I have compiled a list of resources that have helped me grasp this new tricky, but rather forward-thinking concept that may help those transitioning from a typical LAMP architecture to a cluster orchestration style of deployment.

A short video explaining Kubernetes in 5 minutes:

And articles that will help explain in further detail:

Kubernetes Resource

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