Accept payments easily and effortlessly with Pin Payments integration

Only a few lines of code required is to implement a payment system, thanks to inline Pin Payments integration. Accepting online payments has never been so easy and effortless, thanks to the introduction of Pin Payments integration. From the guys who developed, integrating a ‘Pay Now’ button into an existing site is seamless and easy. A user simple makes credit card payments to you without ever leaving your site. Major structure changes to an existing site isn’t required for Pin Payments integration. Small businesses that sell one or a... Read The Rest →

Move your VirtualBox virtual machine (VM) image/images to another location or drive

Here is a relatively easy way to move your VirtualBox virtual machine (VM) images to another location or drive: Shutdown all open VirtualBox instances and close any VirtualBox windows. Locate the directory where your VirtualBox instances are stored. Copy the contents of the directory to the new location. Open Virtual Box. Start with one of your instances. Right click the virtual machine entry and click ‘Remove’. Only Remove the entry and NOT all the files. Close VirtualBox. Leave it closed for long enough for the background VBoxSVC task to time out... Read The Rest →

How to: Install Middleman Mac on MacOSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2

This is a how to install Middleman mac guide on Mountain Lion OSX. This took me a bit of figuring out to get working – partially because of unavailable libraries and scripts. I eventually got there in the end and have compiled these set of commands and instructions you will need to run. At the time or writing, this has been tested and working on Apple Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.2. Install the latest version of XCode with command line tools Install Middleman Mac instructions Install brew ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL... Read The Rest →

Execute MAMP’s PHP and mysql in command line terminal OSX

Quick tip, if you have MAMP installed on your machine and need to run PHP or mysql via the terminal/command line, you can execute these lines to create symbolic links to point within your MAMP instance: sudo mv /usr/bin/php /usr/bin/php-bak sudo ln -s /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.3.14/bin/php /usr/bin/php sudo ln -s /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql /usr/bin/mysql Be sure to change the PHP folder to match the version you want by browsing the following path: /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/ The reason for renaming the existing PHP instance is because OSX runs its own web server (if Web Sharing is enabled).

WordPress WPCommerce – Get the parent category of a category object

Maintaining a WordPress site that has WP Commerce set up installed, I needed to do some minor customisations to a widget that displayed nested Category names. Because some categories shared identical names as other categories of the same level (e.g. ‘Necklaces > Classic’ and ‘Earrings > Classic’), I needed to prepend the parent category name to a menu link to the category that I was creating. As this information was not readily available on the Internet, I had fiddled around with the WP commerce source. If you have the current... Read The Rest →

Twitter Bootstrap dropdown hover touch devices workaround (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, etc…)

UPDATE 11/01/2013: Thanks to Robin for pointing this out, the recent Bootstrap 2.2.2 release has addressed this issue. Refer to their changelog for details. Ran into an issue today during development where I was updating my company’s code source from Twitter Bootstrap 2.03 to 2.2.1. All was fine and dandy until I was doing some cross-device testing, specifically on the iPad and the iPhone. The touch events stopped working on the Twitter Bootstrap dropdown hover menus. When you try to click on the menu item and attempt to swipe down or anywhere,... Read The Rest →

Spotify Australian (AU) sound quality is noticeably better over MP3 compression due to Vorbis encoding

Spotify… I’ve had the chance to use it today as it was launched in Australia on this date. What makes it a pretty good service in my opinion is not syncing mechanism or the ease of access to a large range of songs (rare ones too), but it’s more so due to the sound quality of the tracks. All songs were noticeably more crisp in clarity and didn’t know why until I read that all tracks are encoded using Ogg Vorbis q5-q9 compression instead of standard 192-320k MP3. I can’t... Read The Rest →

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) transparency background image not displaying/hidden fix

I ran into an issue recently where I had displayed background images as bullet replacements for my list. By using a piece of CSS code such as: ul#list li { background: transparent url(/img/bullet.png) no-repeat; list-style-type:none } This allowed me to put in my own custom bullet image. Although this worked well on all browsers (disregarding IE6), the image failed to display on IE7. To resolve this, in the background declaration, I had to replace ‘transparent’ with an actual background image colour. Therefore rewriting the declaration to: ul#list li { background:... Read The Rest →

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